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We TRADE LESS TIMES for BIGGER MOVES by following the MARKET’s SIGNALS,  If you’re seeking IVORY TOWER advice or biased analyst trade ideas please look elsewhere. We know what works and what doesn’t. See why we’re a favorite among traders from all over the world.

FUTURES TRADING IS RISKY AND CAN CAUSE SUBSTANTIAL FINANCIAL LOSS Trading Futures contains risk of loss and is not suitable for all types of investors. The information provided is meant for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will profit from the information contained herein. This info is meant to be used as a tool in assisting you to arrive at your trading decisions. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. THERE IS NO REPRESENTATION BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL ACHIEVE PROFITS OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN HEREIN. THERE ARE OFTEN SHARP DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HYPOTHETICAL PERFORMANCE RESULTS AND ACTUAL RESULTS ACHIEVED BY ANY PARTICULAR TRADING PROGRAM. Copyright BGCTT Ltd. 2014-2018. HK, USA. All rights reserved.

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